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What laws govern your use of water? Who owns the water on your property? What is the water worth? Will the Legislature change the law and declare water a commodity?

What is the difference between ground water, stream water and lake water? Is each type of water governed by the same law?

Hydro politics or the politics of water  -- who makes the laws governing our water? The Federal government, the state Legislature, counties, cities and/or towns?

Who will be setting the policies regarding the use and sale of our water in the future? How can you be a part of the policy making process?

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The OKWaterLaw Bulletin Board is the place to find Regional and Local Meeeting announcements, Legislative Notices regarding Oklahoma Water Policy and Activities as well as other state and local functions you need to know about to stay informed.

Members benefit from this updated bulletin board, and members can post their own local activities to the board so that their community can be involved in Oklahoma Water Politics year round!

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Upon enrollment to the Oklahoma Water Law website you have access to the Article Library which contains important Federal and State Court decisions as they pertain to water laws in Oklahoma and nationwide, and professional analysis of these cases to help understand the impact they have on your local water rights.

In addition, the library contains a Primer on Water Law.  You can learn how the law developed in the United States and the what current laws in Oklahoma mean for you.

The library is updated frequently as new cases are brought to court and as decisions are handed down by the court.  The in-depth analysis contained in the article summaries are written by professionals and scholars in the industry. 

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  • Are we running out of water?
  • What are your water rights?
  • Who is protecting your water rights?
  • Is your water safe to drink?
  • Is your neighbor taking your water?
  • What communities are you
    competing with for water?
  • Are your water prices going up?
  • Can the Oklahoma Legislature
    really pass a Comprehensive Water
    Plan that protects your water?
  • Will Texas figure out a way to
    get your water for free?


Oklahoma Water Policy

Policy Development

Local Input Meetings

Regional Input Meetings

Planning Workshops

Town Hall Meetings

Feedback Meetings

Policy Recommendations

Technical Studies

Water Supply / Demand Analysis

Public Water Supply Assessment

Supplemental Studies



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Oklahoma Water Atlas